How to Find Social Events in Malta

Moving to a new country where you have friends can be very challenging. You have to find a place to rent, find a job and settle into your routine. Loneliness is a very common phenomenon for new ex-pats in every country regardless of their country of origin.

A new survey finds that 3 in 10 Millenials report feeling very lonely on a regular basis.
One of the major reasons we feel lonely is when we move to another country or city. It is also not easy to make friends as adults. Compared to when we were children.

Malta is home to many people from different nationalities who have experienced the same problems. In fact, it is estimated that 1 in every 5 people residing in Malta is from another country. The locals are of the friendliest and kindest people you will meet not only in Europe but also in the World. Long conversations with complete strangers are a very common occurrence in Malta and the locals don’t shy away from inviting you to dinner to their homes.

Malta may be a tiny island with barely 500,000 inhabitants but it’s always teeming with activity all year round. If you want to know how to find charity and social events in Malta you can choose to read more…

Be active on Facebook

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There are over 450,000 active users on this tiny Island nations. That represents more than 90% of the population. Facebook often makes a lot of suggestions based on your activity and you would find yourself signing up for interesting events as soon as you land on the island based on your likes and hobbies because the Facebook algorithm would constantly give you suggestions.

Another way you can find social events in Malta on Facebook is by simply clicking on the “events” in your Facebook account to view all the events that are being advertised on Facebook. An interesting fact you should consider is that every time you click like on an event around you that you find interesting, Facebook will show you more events similar to that one, so you shouldn’t shy away from liking the event because then you would be shown similar events in the future.

Expats Malta Group

There is a group on Facebook called Expats Malta which has specifically been created for Expats. It is a very active group where your fellow Expats raise questions and share information. Many private events are shared on this group.

 Meetup App

Meetup is a popular mobile app that lets you discover many activities that you may not find even find on Facebook. You can find many like-minded people with similar interests taking part in or conducting a lot of engaging and interesting activities.

Malta event calendar

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Visit Malta is a website operated by the Malta Tourism Authority. This website is regularly updated with events and blog articles that can help you learn about Malta and discover things that you can do here. Visit Malta is the official travel partner of the English football club, Manchester United. On visit malta’s home page you can even find an events calender to see all the popular events that are planned for the near future.