How your business can donate to charity

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Businesses can have a massive impact on the world around us. Xerox made photocopies accessible to most of us. Microsoft and Apple came out with mass-produced, easy to use personal computers. These computers allowed us to step into the internet age, an age where ideas flow freely along with the capital value. 

Apart from investing in groundbreaking technology many of these companies also invest in improving the quality of life of our fellow humans by donating to charitable organisations.

A recent study also found that 70% of Millenials spend more money on brands that support charitable causes. )If you are wondering about how your business can donate to charity This article will help you embark on the journey of making a positive impact on the world around you.

Hire a corporate social responsibility professional

Often times companies and individuals are sceptical of donating to charity because they believe that most of our donations don’t actually reach the people who need them the most. Forbes has written an article on how you can decide which charities to donate your money to based on the impact your money can have to improve people’s lives.

Today there are many trained professionals who are experts in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). These professionals have training and degrees that can help the company find the best causes to invest in that can also have a positive impact on your brand and companies value. They also know how to conduct due diligence ensuring that your money is spent with the right charities instead of being stolen.

Get behind causes that are personal to you

Research suggests that when we feel strongly for a cause we tend to be more motivated towards it. We, humans, are emotional beings and often make decisions based on emotions. Yes, it is true that sometimes we have to put our emotions in the back seat when it comes to business but why should they take a back seat when it comes to acts of charity?

Think back to your personal struggles or the struggles of those close to you. Did you or a family member suffer from cancer or depression? Maybe you can donate to a charity that supports these causes.

Talk to your employees

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In the information age, our employees are our most important resource. Your employees and co-workers can offer you a lot advise, inputs and insights that you might ordinarily miss out on. Talking to your employees would help you understand what causes most of them feel strongly about. This will raise their morale as well because they will feel that they work in an organisation that allows them to open up and freely express themselves.

Donate to charities related to your industry

Do you work in the tech industry? Maybe you can donate to charities that provide tech education to poor children in third world countries. Maybe you work in the pharmaceutical industry and your money would be greatly appreciated by independent researchers or organisations providing free healthcare and medication to the poor.